Dates growing countries worldwide

Date is one of the most widely consumed fruit globally that said to be first cultivated in 7000 BC. There are several types of dates including Fresh Mazafati Dates, Medjool Dates, and Barhi dates. Egypt has the largest date production in the world having approximately 1,084,529 metric tons of dates.

Following  Egypt, Iran has the second largest production of dates by approximately  947, 809 metric tons representing approximately 15% of global date  production. Iran’s fresh Mazafati Date is popular among consumers  worldwide with it’s delicious taste and affordable price. Following that  rabbi dates similar to Saudi Arabia’s Medjool dates with low-pricing  are among the best sellers. Iran’s Zahedi dates and Piaram Dates are  also popular among the consumers worldwide. Iran export mainly to Asian  countries including India and Malaysia and has been increased its  exports to Europe substantially in the last few years.Following Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are the third and  fourth largest producers of dates. Their production accounts for  approximately 8% and 7.3% of the world’s export, respectively.At Reeta Ltd, we are proud to provide the best quality dates  to our consumers. We supply and distribute dates from our suppliers,  globally.